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You can pick up your concrete already mixed. We have top-quality concrete for your driveway, sidewalk, and foundation needs.


The U-Cart concept allows you to haul the ready mixed concrete to your jobsite allowing you to work at your own pace. We specialize in getting you the right U-Cart service to fit you needs.

U-Cart concrete services

Our commitment

Total Rental Center offers residential and commercial customers this unique option in concrete delivery. Our success is based on a commitment to providing you, with quality concrete and friendly service.


You will also be able to pick up any other tools or equipment you need for your project. We have power tools and concrete tools available if you need them. Contact us to find out more about these services.

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U-Cart concrete services to make that job a lot easier

1/4 Yard $95 + tax

1/2 Yard $115 + tax

3/4 Yard $135 + tax

1 Yard $160 + tax

1 1/4 Yards $185 + tax

1 1/2 Yards $205 + tax

MUST be a minimum of 1/2 Ton vehicle (GRVW OF 6,000lb or more)

ANY load of 1 1/2 cubic yard or more MUST be towed by a 3/4 ton or bigger vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Must have an actual hitch, hitch CAN NOT be build into bumper. Trailers are 2" ball.

• The cart must be returned in same condition in which it left.

• Any card that is returned any dirtier than what is was sent out is subject to a additional cleaning fee.

• To clean carts, take a flat-nosed shovel or scraper and scrape the walls and floor of card. Any leftover film is acceptable. Our power washer will take care of the residue.

NO hammering on the cart.

NO returns of concrete.

• Door slide tracks must be rinsed out for door to slide easily.

• Sliding door must be slide freely upon return.

• When cart is returned, a Total Rental employee MUST inspect the cart prior to your receipt being given to you.


Note: Due to the vibration that the road causes, rocks in the mix will settle at the bottom while the water will rise top.


Thank You for you cooperation!

Total Rent Center


Note: Conrecte buggy will be inspected before sent out and the tires will be checked and aired up accordingly by a Total Rental employee prior to loading the card.

Attention Concrete Customers